100th Annual Philhower Reunion
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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the 101st Philhower Family Reunion

Saturday, September 8, 2018


On Saturday, September 8, 2018, at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Clinton Township New Jersey, 34 members of the Philhower Family gathered for their 101stFamily Reunion.  It was a cool, overcast day with temperatures in the low 70s.

President Jane Eick welcomed all and called to order the business meeting. She asked if there were any Family members at the reunion for the first time; three Family members indicated that it was their first reunion: 


  1.   Allison Acquaviva, Ocean Township, New Jersey
  2.    Fred Lindabury, Ohio
  3.    Lois Stieve, Tinton Falls, New Jersey


 The minutes of the 2017 reunion were read and approved.  

 Jane began the memorial service by asking Donna Landon to read the names of five Family members who had passed since our last reunion:     


  1.   Keith Philhower, September 16, 2017, 64
  2.    Daniel Hoffman, February 18, 2018, 84
  3.    Louise Mazzarella, March 18, 2018, 75
  4.    Nathan Lindabury, March 21, 2018, 99
  5.    Genevieve DeMott, July 26, 2018, 90


 A moment of silence was held in their memory. 

 Family member George Apgar asked if there were any committee reports.  The Family Historian, Phyllis Williams, indicated that George could give the Historian report.  George began by stating  that the Family should be proud that they had been getting together for 100 years.  He indicated that a cousin brought a picture to this reunion from a Philhower family reunion that took place in  1905.  He spoke on the topic of immigration and noted that the Family should be proud of both their Revolutionary and immigration roots.

 Jane asked if there was any old business, she asked for a show of hands of Family members who attended the 100threunion last year.  There was no old business brought up.

 Jane asked if there was any new business.  George Apgar suggested that for future reunions the Board consider moving the location of the reunion to the Fairmount Presbyterian Church, which the  Family helped establish, and is across the street from the Fairmount cemetery where many Family members are buried.  Jane indicated that the Board would look into the feasibility of utilizing  that location.

 Jane thanked the officers for all their help in making the Reunion possible.

 Jane, Donna and Donald Freibergs presented the prizes to:

        ·     Vi Hockenbury, 90 years, oldest lady present

        ·     William Hockenbury, 93 years, oldest gentleman

        ·     Maggie Freibergs 22 years, youngest Family member.

        ·     Pamela Watts, Mesa, Arizona, who traveled the furthest

        ·     Jesse and Donna Landon of Cokesbury, who traveled the shortest

        ·     Married the longest: Lois Stieve, 64 years

        ·     Guessing Jar:  Winning guess of 80 made by Judy Bushnell (actual count was 84 pieces of candy)


 The nominating committee presented the following slate of officers for the 2018-2019 which was moved, seconded and approved:

           ·     President:                               Donald Freibergs
     ·     Vice President:                       Jesse Landon
     ·     Secretary:                               Donna Landon
     ·     Treasurer:                               Jane Eick
     ·     Historian:                               Phyllis Williams
     ·     Chaplain:                               Vacant
     ·     Registrar:                               Denise Ross
     ·     Website Coordinator:             Marie Freibergs
     ·     Nominating Committee:        The Board
     ·     Trustee:                                  Jon Philhower


 The meeting was adjourned.  Jesse Landon introduced Mr. Brian Eick of Clinton Township, NJ.  A lifelong resident of Hunterdon County, Mr. Eick played his 12-string guitar and banjo and sang a  variety of patriotic and folk songs. 

 At the conclusion of the program Jane addressed the Family stating, “Thank you all for attending the reunion and for supporting me as President for the past 13 years and many years as Vice  President under Jon Philhower.”  Then all members present enjoyed a buffet lunch of ham and turkey sandwiches, potato and broccoli salads, and homemade pies. 

 Respectfully Submitted,



 Donna Landon